Executive Coaching with Charles

Charles works with highly effective people pursuing a safer and more just world.

Who Charles Works With

Charles’ clients are driven leaders working to align and balance spiritual and ethical lives with growing professional aspirations and effectiveness. This can apply to professional, philanthropic or a faith commitments.

The work often focuses on vision, attitude, mindset and fostering critical relationships.

Every client is growing into who they aspire to be and serve the world as called to do so.

It is never easy. It is always inspiring, meaningful and involves laughter.

Topics that Often Get Explored:

+ Unsaid and hidden longings

+ Deeply held inspirations

+ Distracting and exhausting relationships

+ Meeting impossible expectations

+ Focusing on truly important priorities

+ Connecting with a community of support

+ Building relationships for power

+ Telling the truth when it hurts

+ Freedom from hiding

+ Keeping up the effort on the hard days and months

+ Getting support where it is waiting to get asked

Rules of Conversation


The conversation is between you and me. If we see each other again in a social place, I will not bring up what we discussed unless you bring it up first. If I use something you say to help someone else, I will make it anonymous.

Hide-nothing policy

I will be straight with you. I’ll say things others are afraid to say to you. Only you can know what is meaningful and isn’t.

Don’t know

The don’t know is where the magic happens. I don’t know where the conversation will go. I’m sure I’ll be surprised. You don’t know either. If you do, then there’s nothing worth talking about. I don’t know anything about you except what you tell me. When I misunderstand you, tell me.

High-flame conversation

I will not take everything you say at face value. I will listen for deeper meanings, things unsaid, longings, fears and feelings. You can cool off the conversation if you need it.

Before we begin

Before we begin, we will take a long term commitment together off the table. We don’t yet even know each other or if a commitment makes sense for us.

Enrich, not please

I am here to enrich not to please you. I am not here to be your friend, your colleague or your buddy. If you are ready for a life-changing conversation, we can start and we will have fun.

I have some requests of you first...

Be totally honest. Consider your life profoundly important. Say things that surprise and move you.

Work with Charles

Charles takes his time with individuals very seriously and he’s very selective about his clientele. Be honest and commit to creating something extraordinary.