Charles Vogl is an author and executive consultant. He works with leaders in tech, finance, media, government, and social change organizations to make meaningful change.

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Why did you write the book?

I wrote this book to share with other leaders the concepts and principles that we have used to drive a remarkable turnaround at Popeyes. My message is simple, but unconventional. If you move yourself out of the spotlight and dare to serve others, you will deliver superior performance results.

Describe the audience for the book.

This book is a book for practitioners—people leading right now—in any organization large or small, at any level. If you have been given a position to lead people and outcomes, this book is for you.

The inspiration for this book is not a group of famous leaders, CEOs, or celebrities. The inspiration for this book is ordinary people who want to extraordinary things wherever they are given the opportunity to lead—at work, at home, or in the community.

“You changed my fricking LIFE. Thank you for your courage and willingness to speak your truth, and the awesome presentation which landed in a way that will transform many many people’s lives. The insights keep unfolding.”

Harry Pickens

Berklee School of Music

“Charles’ training totally worked. When I spoke at the United Nations I noticed that the audience responded to me entirely differently than to other speakers I’ve seen. Afterwards people came up to the front of the room to tell me how great my presentation was and how much they wanted to follow up. I am delighted I can engage audiences in a whole new way.”

Tokunboh Ishmael

Alitheia Capital

“I am so grateful for your time yesterday. My team loved the session; they were wow-ed! You helped us define the apparent cause when we were at a loss for words. By re-lighting the room, you helped us find our words so that we might articulate the richness of our everyday work. I am incredibly indebtedyou have distinct gifts.”

Nancy Yao Maasbach

Yale-China Association

“Charles is an energetic, passionate and impactful human being that has deeply affected how I connect with people and get results. My lessons with Charles have become vital in my success creating high-level connections at companies like Goldman Sachs, Google and Spotify.”

Gavin Fernandes

Deloitte Consulting

“The seminar with Charles was an exciting voyage exploring various ways to express ourselves. It was rewarding not only in telling who I am but also in discovering about who I am.”

Chaoshi Chen

Yulan Capital Management

“I thought Charles’ presentation was terrific. I think of and try to employ the 7 elements of great storytelling all the time in both my personal and professional endeavors. I would have enjoyed having more time with Charles where we could have explored the use of storytelling in a variety of professional settings – sales, presentations, etc.”

Michael O'Hanlon


“Charles is a wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, insight and passion I’ve turned to repeatedly. He shares his honest opinions, even when controversial or against the crowd; I find his perspective invaluable since so many others only tell me exactly what they think I want to hear! His intention is to always be a support.”

Scott Sherman

Transformative Action Institute

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