Take their words for it

Charles has spent years helping leaders of companies across many industries learn how to inspire powerful connections in critical relationships. Through his work, leaders understand how to achieve aspirations while contributing to others.

“I thought Charles’ presentation was terrific. I think of and try to employ the 7 elements of great storytelling all the time in both my personal and professional endeavors. Charles offers his own stories and those of others (Ted Talks, etc.) as poignant examples that really serve to bring the elements to life and resonate with the audience. I would have enjoyed having more time with Charles where we could have explored the use of storytelling in a variety of professional settings – sales, presentations, etc.”

Michael O’Hanlon
Wayfair, VP, Business Development.

“I’m impressed. In my consultation with you, you helped me see entirely new approaches to leadership, persuasion, and community building that I could use right away. Today, months later, I continue to use them both in my courtroom advocacy and in my volunteer work. Thank you.”

Charles Jung
Nassiri &apm; Jung LLP

“In a single conversation, you gave me the insight and courage I needed to envision change in the course of my career. Thank you. Impressive. Very impressive. ”

Yola Ozturk
Vanguard Top Producer

“You changed my fricking LIFE. Thank you for your courage and willingness to speak your truth, and the AWESOME presentation which landed the power of story in a way that will transform many many people’s lives and through me! The insights keep unfolding.”

Harry Pickens
Ambassador For Artistry In Education, Berklee College of Music

“Charles is an energetic, passionate and impactful human being that has deeply affected how I connect with people and get results.

Prior to working with Charles, networking for me was a tedious chore. I knew I had an above average emotional intelligence, but before I had no way to use it. I avoided awkwardly standing around networking circles where others fawned over VIPs. I didn’t even know how to participate when others were “competing” for attention. Charles’ concepts allowed me to understand how to create quick emotional resonance between me and others. I learned this is vital to differentiate myself. My lessons with Charles have become vital in my success, creating high-level connections at companies like Goldman Sachs, Google and Spotify.

The key for me was to initiate conversations on a different “plane.” The emotional resonance ideas Charles coaches are extremely powerful. Recently I connected with the co-CEO of a major Goldman Sachs international office – afterwards he asked for my resume and I got a call from the London office to discuss opportunities. This was a new extraordinary result.”

Gavin Fernandes
Deloitte Consulting

“I am so grateful for your time yesterday. My team loved the session; they were wow-ed! At times, we become so very close to the work that we forget how to share the passion and purpose of what we do with newcomers. You helped us define the apparent cause when we were at a loss for words. By re-lighting the room, you helped us find our words so that we might articulate the richness of our everyday work. I am incredibly indebted — you have distinct gifts.”

Nancy Yao Maasbach
Executive Director, Yale-China Association

“Before we worked together earlier this year, you know I had that personal crisis. I didn't know we'd talk about it. When I told you, it was just a mess in my head. I could barely think straight about it. I know you saw this was really important.

After our conversation in one session, I got whole new clarity on what was going on and how to repair really important relationships. I felt way more calm and knew what to do next. Later when I discussed the problem in my life, I could communicate clearly everything that was needed and got totally new results.

Later, I also noticed that with no prompting, or any request for feedback, others told me how impressed they were in how I was handling the situation. I credit that to you. I know what a profound difference you made for me. Thank you.”

Leo Chan
Senior Professional Financial Analyst, IBM Treasury

“I learned storytelling is more than a way of telling something interesting, it is a way of thinking about ourselves and sharing who we are. The seminar with Charles was an exciting voyage exploring various ways to express ourselves. It was rewarding not only in telling who I am but also in discovering about who I am.”

Chaoshi Chen
Yulan Capital Management

Headshot of Tokunboh Ishmael

“Charles’ training totally worked. When I spoke at the United Nations, I noticed that the audience responded to me entirely differently than to other speakers I’ve seen. At other times, attendees leaned back and looked around. When I began with my story, I noticed them lean forward and watch intently. Afterwards people came up to the front of the room to tell me how great my presentation was and how much they wanted to follow up. I am delighted I can engage audiences in a whole new way.”

Tokunboh Ishmael
Co-founder & Managing Director, Alitheia Capital

“Charles is a wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, insight and passion I’ve turned to repeatedly. Every conversation with him is fascinating because he is brimming with ideas and connections. Best of all, he shares his honest opinions, even when controversial or against the crowd; I find his perspective invaluable since so many others only tell me exactly what they think I want to hear! His intention is to always be a support.”

Scott Sherman
PhD., Founder | Executive Director, Transformative Action Institute

“Charles is a one-of-a-kind leader, mentor, and friend. He has guided me, clearly and confidently, through many professional and personal challenges. He combines a wealth of knowledge and experience with a remarkable ability to articulate a bold, inspiring vision for those around him. Anyone who aspires to have a greater impact in the world would do well to work with Charles.”

Enrique Schaerer
Founder, Upswing Law

“I frequently turn to Charles leading up to high stakes performances such as negotiations, large group facilitation and important presentations. Charles grounds me, such that I can be powerful and peaceful in my delivery in situations that could be hostile.”

Gabriel Grant
Executive Director, The Byron Fellowship

“When I got my first invitation to speak at TEDx in New York, Charles was the first call I made to support me in it. It was the right call to make. If you need some coaching and you only have time for three calls, they should all be to Charles.”

Alastair Ong
CEO, GreenSoul Shoes

“Standing at a crossroads in my professional development and vocational discernment, Charles’ counsel helped me to risk taking a path that has proven joyful, exciting, and deeply fulfilling. Possibilities are born in his presence.”

Rev. John Helmiere, Founder, Valley & Mountain Fellowship, Recipient of Yale Divinity Tweedy Prize for Promise

“Charles has an extraordinary commitment to being someone who sparks community, integrity, and generosity. His guidance has led to breakthroughs in my life, in terms of relationships with my family, my personal wealth, and vision for my social ventures.”

Micheal DelPonte
Founder, SOMA Water

“Prior to this training, I had no idea how ill equipped I was to tell a powerful story. Learning the elements in the training was the missing piece to sharing what we do at the next level. Now I’m confident both our team and I have the skills to tell stories that get results. I also see now we need to communicate clearly what will be lost if we are not successful. (If nothing is at stake, then who cares?!) Now we are crafting the language so we are speaking as a united voice. We will be much more powerful than we were in the past. Every minute of my time with Charles was worth it. I’d love to see other passionate people propel their work with this training.”

Jonathan B. Green, J.D., Director, Finance and Operations, Yale-China Association

“Charles has been an incredible advisor, connector and friend. I still recall, with crystal clarity, the moment with him that literally led me to transform my life. From one conversation I decided to make major changes, and now I’m leading the life I want: one filled with fun, joy, passion, learning and impact. Charles has also connected me to numerous fascinating people who enrich my life.”

Stephanie Morimoto
New Leaders for New Schools, Chief External Relations Officer

“Charles’ insight helped me find a deep sense of personal clarity. The depth and detail of our conversation helped clear inhibitions and find new possibilities for my next challenge.”

Andrew Trabulsi
Founder, Right On Solutions Consulting

“Charles is a community builder and a valuable coach. His experience structuring and convening difficult conversations among stakeholders, and his ability to help me apply his advice, helped my colleagues and me develop a compelling approach to an exclusive conference on innovation in healthcare. I am very grateful for his expertise and time.”

Casey Pickett
Director of Innovation, State of Connecticut, Department of Economic & Community Development

“I was delighted by Charles’s generosity and ideas. He used his experience to help my team plan a breakthrough set of conversations for stakeholders in personalized medicine.”

Kip Bergstrom
Deputy Commissioner, State of Connecticut, Department of Economic & Community Development

“Charles has been an excellent coach and mentor. His techniques and advice have pushed my thinking and approach to life and career in multiple ways. Its always a pleasure to work with him.”

Isaac Kwasi Esseku
Susquehanna International Group, LLP

“Charles has an amazing gift to tease out the most important points in an idea. When I founded the, he helped me develop an expectation-exploding strategy. I now consider him among my top advisers in all matters from my business to personal life.”

Rose Jia
Founder & Exec. Director, New York

“It is a privilege to work with Charles’ coaching on building important relationships. Charles brings a tremendous amount of sensitivity to relationships and friendships. He genuinely cares about the people with whom he interacts and this shines through. Charles coached me through a radical shift in understanding my responsibility in two relationships where I had hurt another party. With Charles’ help, I newly saw the other person’s point of view and could then offer sincere apologies which took the relationships to a new level. Even more so, Charles walks the walk and is constantly improving his own relationships and taking responsibility for his impact. Working with Charles has changed my life.”

Nathana O’Brien, Yale JD & MBA, Metamed

“Charles is a terrific inspiration to me, a reminder of what is possible in the world when I follow my passion and live with integrity. Every time I come to him for counsel, I find his perspective and wisdom invaluable. Getting to know Charles has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my experience at Yale.”

T. Robert Fetter, Strategy Consultant to Gaia Certification Ltd., PhD Student, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

“Charles gave tremendous support to the Yale School of Management public speaking club. He lead workshops and round table sessions to every class at SOM. The feedback was very strong and positive. Charles is both gifted at presenting stories in life and gracious sharing these skills with others.”

Jingjie Long
Yale MBA ’13

“I was not getting the excitement from my start-up pitch that I wanted. After about an hour individually working with Charles (after his workshop), my pitch is much more compelling and I also now understand my different audiences. I know what I’m working to convey to each of them and can even measure how well each message works. Charles was a tremendous help in improving my communication!”

Jeff Woodward
Founder, Sage

“Your lecture at the Yale School of Management was without a doubt truly inspiring and an essential workshop for public speaking. It would truly be an honor if you could be with us again, helping us encourage another generation of storytellers.”

Maria Posada-Toro, Yale MBA

“You could be among the best in the world in 5 years. Easy. It does not surprise me that you offer real value. Board rooms are full of people who know how to make money, but they don’t how to live a healthy life or talk to one another. You are a master of that. You can help immensely.”

Robert Gordon
Founder, Board Accord, Corporate Director Advisor

“You challenged me to surround myself with a new community consistent with my deeply held values. Just over a year later, things are so different. To my surprise, my new team and I are now even seeing financial benefits from patiently doing the right thing. Thank you!”

Noel Lawrence
California Attorney

“Working with Charles has been transformative. Before, I was letting too many people dictate how I viewed myself and what I could achieve. Now, I have better vision and the confidence to know that I can do and build great things, even if some don’t recognize or value what I can accomplish. I know that whatever happens, I'll create something inspiring with the people around me.”

Michelle Park Chiu
Litigator, Morgan Lewis